Why Do This?

I started Oddlywholesome as I felt that social media, being something that people used throughout their day, had too much negativity within it. With the amount of time that people spend on social media, it has a big effect on their mood throughout their day. With all of this, why not spread joyful videos that could lead to people spreading the happiness that they get out of these videos.

After doing this for some time I realised that I have a platform that I can use to make a difference, leading to now where I have started this small store, a place where you can purchase clothing; helping to support charities/foundations with the money you spend.

Why Shop Here?

60% of all profits made at the Oddlywholesome store are given to a charity, this charity is selected at the end of the year by you the followers of the page. Throughout the year I will update the amount raised and at the end of the year you the followers will be able to choose which foundation/charity you believe deserves the money. The money you raise as shoppers here could be brightening the lives of anyone/anything, animal shelters, food banks .etc.